With the AR / VR video maker, you can Create 360 Degree Video Online with your 2D footage.

You see! Everywhere people prefer to watch videos in 360 degrees. Because, while you watching a normal video you will get excited to watch what happens other side. But, disappointedly you will end the video without watching the opposite side. It won’t be able to watch in normal videos.

Creating Great 360 Degree Videos is  Simple and Easy with VRiddle DIY tools.

Customize Free 360 Degree Video!

Hence, a 360 video became a primary option for all. But, how can you create a 360 degree video? Will you purchase a 360 cam? But, it’s too expensive and only can record an outside footage, but cannot create animated footage. Visiting a freelancer or an animation company will cost you bucks in the thousands for a single 360 video. How much time you can spare to create a 360 degree video? Do you think it will work out? Do you imagine the output? So many questions like this revolves in your mind!

So, are you ever looking for DIY tools to make a 360 degree video online?

“Even if you searched in google; you will find hours of process to make a 360 video by your own.”

“Hence, here is your destination answer for 360 degree video! The solution we provide to create a 360 video is very simple and free of cost. Our entire automated platform will deliver you the 360 video within minutes. We don’t need any more. Less inputs to deliver you a big output in the form of 360 degree video.”

How it Works?

Check how we are creative and simple! The simple process is explained in a simple way, over 360 videos. See this 360 video to know how this works!

How 360 Degree Videos Helps Users for Better Experience?

360 Degree videos can actually display all the sides of an instance. You can watch what happens in all sides at that moment than a normal videos which can only show front view. This causes users can understand what actually the concept is within few seconds of time. For suppose if you want to show an animated ad to your user. In normal front view 2D video it will take 30 seconds – 1 min length by showing just 4-5 scenes about your product/service in it. But, a 360 video can show all the scenes at one time in just duration of 10 seconds. So the user can catch what you are providing in seconds of time. And this 360 videos avail users to read/watch clearly in less time of duration.

Where and How this 360 Degree Video can be Used?

360 Degree videos can watch in VR players and of course in social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook. Targeting users with these 360 videos is more easy and yield than a normal video for advertisements. And better video for business presentations, like analytics, product/service showcases. Currently, most of the product or service features displaying presentations actually trying to make in 360 degree video style. This looks unique! Users can feel better experience with 360 degree videos.

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