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Why an App Explainer?

Demo Videos, Promos, Previews and Trailers for Apps – Trending now to Engage the right audiences

Your users want to see, touch and feel your app. There’s no better way to demonstrate that than with high quality app explainer video. Google calls them Promos and Apple calls them Previews and they are the future of the App industry. These are short, animated videos with a specific goal: understanding. The video format can serve as a near-perfect package for presenting ideas, products and services in a form that not only explains, but attracts attention.


Engage, Amaze and Retain is the Mantra

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Few Other Reasons

 Make Promo videos, Game trailers, Video ads for Google Play Store

Google insists on keeping your video upto 2 minutes but 1 minute would be optimum.

Watch out for the localization. Google allows localization which allows you to reach to an international audience as you have the option of being able to link to 47 languages supported by Google.

Live User Interactions – $1500

  • Pointers: App Interactions will be carried out by real hands on real devices to show the specific functionality.

  • Actors : Real Actors will be interacting with your app on real devices. Various locations will be composed based on the concept.


Motion Graphics – $1200

  • Animation: High Quality Video screen captures will be used to show the interactions with the app.

  • Custom Animation: The Time Duration, No. of Scenes, No. of Screens and custom animations will be as per your requirement.

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Create App Preview for Iphone, Ipad & Apple TV

The craftsmanship and unique functionality have to be tweaked to differentiate your app from the ever growing competition. App Previews are between 15 and 30 seconds long and it’s important to make the most of this time to help customers better understand your app’s content and features.The App Previews for the iOS App Store come in specific formats only and are device specific. We use device captured footage to take the user experience to an entirely different level. The App preview should not look like an advertisement. It should engage the viewer in an engaging and informative way.


IPhone or IPad – $750


IPhone & IPad – $900


Apple TV – $850


IPhone, IPad, Apple TV – $1200

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How does it work ?

Our Key Features


We bring your App functionality close to reality. Want to know how?
We produce stunning videos with Full HD screen captures. Zoom in to every bit of functionality and increase the viewer experience


Is your App video ready for the future? The answer is yes!
The App Video is platform independent and motion graphics or live user interactions, we have it all and on all devices and OS.


We have it all planned. Select, Customize, Produce !
You get to choose from our innumerable templates of your particular domain. We customize it as per your requirements.


That Cracking best fit audio can only be found here, nowherelse
Choose from our collection of audio libraries to find the best fit and connect with the audience just in a flash!


Branding is no more the tag of Big names. We master the art of Branding!
We bring every component to life in the most engaging manner thereby conveying the value of your app or product. Thus we brand your app and create the pull and not just push.

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