“Videolet” is a Digital Marketing Brochure with a Video Screen. Videolets show relevant interactive media content automatically to users who open the digital brochure, flyer, pamphlet.

VRiddle is a supplier, manufacturer, exporter of Videolets aka Video Brochure Modules from India and China.

Application Areas

Medical Tourism

Re-define Medical tourism with VRiddle Videolets. End to End medical services are demonstrated to Pharmacies, Doctors, Diagnostic Centres and patients by standalone agents or other facilitators. Provide Walk the talk presentations to the ever busy medical world.

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Marketing Expos

Effectively engage users who walk in to your booth and convert them into quality leads. Save a ton of effort and pain for your representative at the booth by using this talking brochure that explains your product to the customer.

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Real Estate Agents

Quickly show the highlights of a specific property to the customer when he glance at the property brochure. Show a virtual walk through of the property.

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Investor Pitching

Pitching to an investor or a banker is hard. Hand them over a copy of your video brochure when you visit them next or even better just post them with a copy of the videolet video brochure. It is definitely worth the investment.

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How it Works

Video Brochure Modules

For startups,traders who plan to put innovative use of this videolet video brochure.

Sale of raw video modules for integration with your product.

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Ready to Print Video Brochures. A5, A4. Portrait etc

For marketing agencies, corporates, businesses who have an in-house designer, printer and who only need a video brochure ready to be printed with their own design.

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End to End Video Brochure Creation service

For startups , businesses, freelancers and others who wish to outsource the entire process of creating a video booklet.

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What is a Videolet – Video Brochure?

 Simply put, videolets are like inserting a video in the printed Brochures. The user instead of just reading the plain text now watches a video about your brand. Videolet is a video screen in a booklet. A Videolet is also known as a video card, video book, video booklet, video greeting card, digital video flyer, digital pamplet, electronic pamplet etc.


What video can I put in a Digital Video Brochure?

A video that effectively captures the attention of the user is a short span of time. The video should go with the design and the color of the brochure to make a brand impact on the user. Animated explainers of the products are preferable.