Save the Date video maker to make ‘Getting Together’ effortless.  Invite guests, friends and relations with a video.

We create videos that CELEBRATE REMARKABLE milestones of your life. For the day where the love of your life enters your life with whom you intend to share the rest of your life and countless anniversaries or that special day in which a special tot enters your life, making you a proud parent.

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Invite Video for your Dream Wedding. Different Countries, Different Styles, Different Rituals.

Engagement / Ring Ceremony

Invite your guests with our gracious video invitation to your Ring/Engagement/Sagai ceremony, which marks the beginning of the wedding concord.

Ring Tone-Buy Now

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Mata ki Chowki

Prepare an invitation video to invite huge people to this devotional program basically done on happy occasions such as marriage, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries or during Ganpati and Navratri festivals.

Wedding Showers – Buy Now

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Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Invite close group of friends before getting hitched to the one last epic blow out Bachelor/ Bachelorette party which is a quintessential event in a man’s/ woman’s life .

Ring in Dreams-Buy Now

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Invite friends to join you for a fun and classy cocktail party with a catchy video. Browse dozens of designs until you find one that fits your taste and set the tone for the night with one of our online video invitations.

Clear Sky -Buy Now

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Planning your dream wedding from start to finish then start it with VRIDDLE Invitation video. VRIDDLE offers best videos to help you announce your special day to friends and family and make it memorable.

Card Couple -Buy Now

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Welcome the guests to come and join the rejoice of the first public appearance of the newly wed couple after their marriage with a beautiful Invitation Video.

Love in Paris-Buy Now

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The retirement is an occasion which will celebrate when the men/women completes their 60 years of successful life experiences with lot of ups-downs and achievements. It will also called as cheers to 60th birthday celebration.

Retirement Invitation Video

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Make and gift an Anniversary Video,  Surprise your Better Half!

Anniversary is one such moment where you have whole lot of memories to look back along with the couple on their once celebrated Big Day. Year on Year that day becomes all the more special when the couple celebrate their 1st, 5th, 10th, Silver and Golden Jubilee Anniversaries

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Send word to family and friends for your Baby Naming Ceremony & Birthdays with a Classic and Trendy Video

Whether you are throwing a milestone birthday party or surprise party or searching for specialty invitations, we have the perfect design for you. Browse our Baby’s First Year invitation gallery for dozens of birthday party designs for your little birthday boy or girl, featuring trendy themes .

The Valentines day video that might change your life, Forever.

Different Valentines Day Video Styles, Templates,Proposal Ideas that we follow. If your proposal is completely out of the blue, then animations and effects that strike an emotional chord with your story is a perfect choice. If there are any videos or pictures that you have taken together previously, creating a slideshow video for valentines day will be a good choice.

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