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The Stats speaks themselves – Video Marketing Infographics

Engage your customers with a stunning video for your website, to introduce your company. Showcase your latest product or special offer across multiple platforms. Use your VRIDDLE videos to advertise your business and watch it grow.

Average user who spends more time on a website with video – 88%
Visitors who say watching a video helps when deciding to purchase a product – 90%
Executives who called the vendors after seeing a video – 39%
Animated video increases the conversion rate by – 20%
Viewers who are confident in purchasing online after watching a video – 52%


Everything we do is tailored towards providing you with the best service and end product..


One of the best ways to introduce your company to consumers is through a company profile video. It can include messages from the CEO, other top officials and product experts. This type of video helps reach a common ground with people within and beyond your target market. By showing pictures of inside the enterprise and giving a little company history, along with its mission statement and unique marketing proposition, viewers can get a clear idea of the company’s purpose in the market.

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Before the launch, a video about your product development challenges where you build hype around the problem that your product solves, will be of great help. VRIDDLE is specialized in creative videos which does not look like a commercial but shows the product in a documentary way when it is used by real people.

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At the annual general meeting, the president or chairman of the organization presides over the meeting and may give an overall status of the organization. An organization may conduct its business at the annual general meeting. VRIDDLE offers creative and comprehensive videos providing you with the best service and end product.

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An explainer video is a web video that supplements textual information in audio-visual form. They are typically short, usually ranging from one to three minutes, to present information on business, products or services in a simplified manner. Explainer videos can be delivered across a wide range of online platforms including emails, blogs, newsletter and networking sites. VRIDDLE Explainer Videos are able to explain things faster, thus saving time of both the business and its audience

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Sales Pitch videos are the perfomance metrics of the product/service. Its main advantage comes when launching a second campaign. It’s important to explain the impact of your first campaign in order to get people excited to support you again. VRIDDLE videos explains both what they’ve accomplished since the first campaign, and what their goal is now.

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A video testimonial showcases a selection of your customers giving positive accounts of you and your business. Video testimonials capture genuine feedback that can help to substantiate your marketing messages. VRIDDLE Customer testimonial videos can be used for a variety of purposes such as content for a video promotion, an endorsement on exhibition stands, in general sales presentations as well as on e-business cards.

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If you’re a freelance video professional, it’s imperative that your online presence positively reflect your brand. Instead of sending your potential clients a link to your work on YouTube or Vimeo, It’s easy to create a polished video elevating your brand & your work. VRIDDLE service portfolio videos sets you apart from the competition by concentrating on your unique selling proposition, or USP.

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Basic Silver

$49999starting at
  • Suitable for Startups
  • Simple 2D Graphics
  • Professional Scripting and Commercially Licensed Music
  • Professional Voice Over
  • upto 3 rounds of revisions
  • 3-4 week Delivery
  • Upto 60 secs video

Custom Gold

$109999starting at
  • Suitable for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Enhanced 2.5D Graphics
  • Professional Scripting and Commercially Licensed Music
  • Professional Voice Over and Sound Effects
  • upto 4 rounds of revisions
  • 3-4 week Delivery
  • Upto 90 secs video

Advanced Diamond

$169999starting at
  • Suitable for large Enterprises
  • 2.5D and 3D Graphics
  • Professional Scripting and Commercially Licensed Music
  • Professional Voice Over and Sound Effects
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 3-4 week Delivery
  • Boosted Conversions
  • Upto 120 secs video

Brand Platinum

$259999starting at
  • Suitable for Big Brands
  • Enhanced 3D Graphics
  • Professional Scripting and Commercially Licensed Music
  • Professional Voice Over and Sound Effects
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 3-4 week Delivery
  • Attention to every detail
  • Assured Branding & Boosted conversions
  • Upto 180 secs video

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